TSplus Server versión 12.80

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TSplus Server version 12.80 HTML5: Server performance improvements for high workload use cases UrlOnClient: Fixed. The settings were reset after an update AdminTool: Fixed . Web portal design preferences were not saved in the parameter copy This version ends the TSplus v12 series. From this will arrive the version of TSplus 14 (Note)

Homeworking Is your Business Prepared?

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Homeworking with TSplus As companies around the world need to adapt to the changing reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a massive movement towards teleworking, migrating workers from offices to their homes. For many companies and organizations this transition poses significant challenges and costs, which is why TSplus has decided to extend the TSplus…

Covid-19 Protocol

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We communicate to all our clients and suppliers that since Friday, March 13, 2020, due to the problems and concern caused by the coronavirus, and always ensuring the health of our clients and workers, we activate the telework protocol. As always, we will act as quickly and effectively as possible so that our day-to-day activity…

Alternative to Citrix without a doubt TSplus

EASY TO USE To implement Citrix you will need to study complex Citrix guides, take courses, implementation plans, dashboards, and all kinds of features that you will never use. With Tsplus no, everything you see when starting your “AdminTool” is a simple administration console, with immediate access to: Generation of Clients Remote connection to applications…