Homeworking with TSplus

As companies around the world need to adapt to the changing reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a massive movement towards teleworking, migrating workers from offices to their homes. For many companies and organizations this transition poses significant challenges and costs, which is why TSplus has decided to extend the TSplus demo to 25 users and 30 days, to facilitate companies to try the best current alternative to Terminal Server, RDS and Citrix.

We also have solutions for NGOs and Administrations and Public Organizations, contact us.
You will be able to quickly implement our tool and test its numerous features such as:

  • Universal Printer
  • The secure single business portal
  • The portable client generator
  • Access from a web browser
  • And much more…

Our TSplus product line also includes security tools to keep your remote connections secure.

Download the trial version now !

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