TSplus Remote Support Changelog

v1.0 – 2020/05/10

  • Launch of TSplus Remote Support
  • Easy Windows Desktop Session Sharing
  • Remote Control
  • Remote copy/paste
  • Handle Multiple Monitors
  • Computer Details
  • File sharing
  • Messaging
  • Customizable Client
  • On-premises Connection Relay
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • (2020/06/15) Added web server port setting in Admin settings > Server
  • (2020/06/15) Changing banner in Admin settings > Customization now also change the web portal banner
  • (2020/05/14) Fixed HTTPS Certificate generation issue
  • (2020/05/28) Fixed agent title being required during agent creation
  • (2020/05/28) Fixed ENTER button not working properly e.g when starting a search using chrome browser search bar
  • (2020/06/03) Fixed Remote Computer Information not being read from ini file using encoding different than Unicode
  • (2020/06/03) License: fixed license is invalidated when scaling Amazon hosted virtual machines
  • (2020/06/15) Fixed inputs not working on logon screen if ENTER button was used during the active session
  • (2020/06/15) Fixed error 500 occuring when logging in to the web portal
  • (2020/06/15) Fixed localhost:9999 launching instead of domain:relay_port when opening web console and domain/certificate was configured
  • (2020/06/15) Fixed logo not showing on End-User side when relay port was different than 443
  • (2020/07/01) Fixed mouse accuracy when End-User had multiple monitor with different resolution/DPI
  • (2020/07/01) Fixed certificate generation “client and server don’t possess a common algorithm” exception
  • (2020/07/01) Fixed opening a second sharer would open a viewer issue
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