ServerGenius Changelog

v4.1 – 2021/01/27

  • License: repair invalid hardware identifier issue from license administration program
  • (2021/04/12) Fixed reports and charts are now displaying local times
  • (2021/05/03) License: update unified licensing
  • (2021/05/20) License: update unified licensing
  • License: fixed no error dialog shown when migration fails
  • (2021/04/12) License: fixed System.ArgumentException: license does not contain data for model
  • (2021/04/12) Updated JQuery to version 3.6.0
  • (2021/05/03) License: fixed invalid hardware inventory for virtual machines
  • (2021/05/27) License: fixed “failed to validate the hardware identifier” error shown on web portal but license is valid on the license administration program
  • (2020/06/03) License: fixed license is invalidated when scaling Amazon hosted virtual machines
  • (2020/07/08) License: fixed Cloud Id retrieval issue in edge cases
  • (2020/07/08) License: fixed failed to migrate flexible licensing instances

v4.0 – 2020/06/14

  • Add unified licence management
  • Add support for native Windows service management
  • (2020/06/19) Added license is refreshed when updating
  • (2020/07/27) Updated Chinese translations
  • (2020/09/03) Added Volume Licensing activate, enable and disable commands
  • (2020/12/22) Volume License: added command to update number of licensed servers
  • (2020/06/18) Fixed UnauthorizedAccessException when activating license in Windows 10
  • (2020/06/18) Fixed failed to compare hardware inventory when CPU identifier is empty
  • (2020/06/22) Fixed legacy license was deleted when migration failed
  • (2020/06/29) Fixed failed to compare hardware inventory for cloud-hosted virtual machines
  • (2020/07/06) Fixed failed to compare hardware inventory
  • (2020/07/13) Fixed invalid hardware identifier for cloud-hosted virtual machines
  • (2020/07/27) Fixed invalid hardware identifier for cloned virtual machines
  • (2020/10/06) Fixed rehost was not possible when trial period has expired
  • (2020/10/06) License: fixed failed to assign computer id for recent computers
  • (2020/10/06) License: fix 0 day remaining when activating trial
  • (2020/11/16) License: fix license migration fails to generate logs
  • (2020/11/16) License: fixed invalid hardware identifier error for cloud hosted machines

v3.9 – 2019/01/07

  • Add support for FIPS security constraints
  • Add support for TLS 1.2 when monitoring websites if .NET Framework 4.0 full or above is installed on the server
  • Change target .NET Framework to 3.5 to improve ServerGenius overall performance, security and maintenability
  • (2019/01/17) Fix null values in configuration file
  • (2019/01/18) Fix Serial Number is not displayed in Licence page
  • (2019/02/01) Fix date range picker issue (display UTC time instead of local time)
  • (2019/02/01) Fix Server Downtime alerts are closed and recreated every hour
  • (2019/02/01) Update time range picker library to version 3.0.3
  • (2019/02/01) Update moment.js library to version 2.24.0
  • (2019/02/01) Remove Quick Start presentation
  • (2019/10/09) Create database indexes to improve performance
  • (2019/02/26) Fix use database connections pooling
  • (2019/05/22) Fix the last 30 days concurrent sessions graph display
  • (2019/12/19) Fix ServerGenius version number displayed

v3.7 – 2018/11/14

  • (2019/03/04) Limit the number of available servers and websites to 5 during trial period

v3.8 – 2018/12/20

  • Add “Applications” menu to edit name and visibility in reports
  • Add SSL support when sending emails

v3.7 – 2018/11/14

  • Fix protection against replay attack

v3.6 – 2018/11/01

  • Fix Concurrent Sessions report sometimes displays zero opened session for 30 days time range

v3.5 – 2018/10/09

  • Fix server downtime alerts closed every minute, and then reopened

v3.4 – 2018/09/20

  • Add Notification API support
  • Add alert when server is down
  • Add automatic refresh on the dashboard
  • Add test of the SMTP settings on the settings page
  • Fix ongoing alerts displayed on top of the list of alerts
  • Fix selected period remains the same navigating between graphs
  • Fix display of Network performance graph
  • Fix translations

v3.3 – 2018/06/26

  • Display the following reports using local time: “Top Most Running Applications Tracking”, “Concurrent Sessions Report” and “Connected Users Tracking Report”
  • Improve server monitoring reliability (servers were displayed as down in dashboard instead of alive)
  • Fix silent update of ServerGenius agent
  • Prevent ServerGenius from running with a .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile
  • Fix license activation failure when hardware is modified (enabled from 2018/07/12)

v3.2 – 2018/05/16

  • General user interface improvements
  • Enhanced applications and users reports, focused on metrics relevant for RDS servers
  • Fix database setup and upgrade processes and improve overall performance for less powerful systems

v3.1 – 2018/03/19

  • Add websites monitoring capabilities, including charts and alerts
  • Multilingual support
  • Fix charts display

v2.3 – 2018/02/27

  • A tour onboards users at first connection
  • Create predefined alerts for servers
  • Add a new advanced feature to enable HTTPS (SSL)
  • Display ServerGenius version on the Administration > Settings page
  • Fix various bugs for the Alerts feature
  • Fix Users charts display for null or zero values

v2.2 – 2018/02/19

  • Possiblity to define a server nickname
  • Fix database setup

v2.1 – 2017/12/20

  • Brand new version under the “ServerGenius” name
  • Monitor multiple servers from the same ServerGenius portal
  • New Network Chart
  • Agent programs are now automatically updated on every monitored server when the administrator updates ServerGenius
  • Everything under the hood has been rewritten and is ready for new features
  • Breaking change of database technology to improve stability and scalability (this version is not compatible with previous versions)

v1.2 – 2015/04/23

  • Several bug fixes thanks to customers feedback

v1.1 – 2014/08/26

  • Initial Release under the name “Reporting and Monitoring for RDP”
  • Performance Chart
  • Disks Chart
  • Users Chart
  • Application Chart
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